Love Always, Sister Welling

Love Always, Sister Welling
"I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, & set you & your families free. That is my missionary promise to you & your missionary message to the world" — Jeffrey R. Holland

Monday, March 3, 2014

I Ate Pig Heart this Week....Yum!


Sister Welling and Sabiano with their investigators.

Sister Welling LOVES the children!!
 Dear Family,

I'm not sure if I should admit this, but I remember at the beginning of my mission I would just wait..wait..wait for Mondays; and let me tell you they took a real long time to come.  Now, I can hardly believe how quickly Mondays come.  I'm always reminded on Mondays when I receive letters from my sweet family and friends just how ridiculously blessed I've been.  I get so overwhelmed with the support I receive.  I love you family so much, thank you thank you.
Sister Sabiano and I made a goal while teaching commandments this week to tell those we were teaching why we personally keep that commandment and what blessings we've received from following it.  It has had such a positive effect on our lessons.  and It really has made me reflect upon each commandment and what it means to me personally.  I know that our Heavenly Father gives us commandments only so He can give us more blessings.  Ah this gospel is so good.
We taught Tatay Reynaldo this week about the Book of Mormon.  I feel like I can never adequately express just how much that book means to me.  However, I looked him in the eyes a lot and did my best to leave him with my humble testimony.  I love Tatay he always smiles so big at me and just holds on to my hand.. He'll never let us leave without buying soda and cookies.  At least I'll have my chubby cheeks to always remind me of our sweet Tatay Reynaldo :)
The Tricycles they are pulled around in:)
Sister Sabiano had her temple day this week.  So I was left to lead the area with a new companion for the day.  I was nervous.  And when the first lesson was rocky, screaming kids, choppy lessons, I walked out feeling so disappointed.  Pero, we went home for lunch and I prayed for a change of heart.  So I stopped thinking of myself and focused on our next lessons, and they went so well.  I felt confidant teaching and leading the lessons because I literally felt the spirit work through me.  I have been so worried about Sister Sabiano leaving, I worry about being incapable without her guidance.  But she has taught me everything that I need to know, and I loved putting into practice what I have studied and practiced with her.  Its good being thrown into the deep end because, sometimes we learn that we actually can swim.  and that its really fun :)

We woke up early Saturday to gather the troops and get them to the church for their interviews for baptism.  After we had picked up Mary Gold, Totoy, Macmac, and Dianne we called over a tricycle.  A motorcycle that pulls a small cart on the side.  There's a bench inside to fit one passenger, maybe two.  But were we able to fit all six of us? you bet.  Sister Sabiano got on the back of the motorcycle with Macmac and the driver pulled Totoy in front of him to hold on to the handlebars.  Mary Gold and Dianne sat on the bench in the cart and I sat facing them on this little piece of metal.  I had to hold myself up to keep from falling on top of them the entire way.  We laughted as the trike abruptly stopped and swerved and sped up and got us to the church.  Its a memory I will cherish forever.  Oh how sweet these days are.  The wonderful news is we all made it to the church in one piece, and Mary Gold, Totoy, Macmac, and Dianne passed their interviews!
After church last Sunday they invited us into a classroom to eat.  I sat on the floor and ate the ulam and rice with my hands.  Mom and Dad, all the manners you have ever taught me, I have forgotten.
I love hearing almost everyday, "wash your name" .. has a better ring to it than what's your name, I personally feel.
You think by now I would have mastered the getting on to the Jeepney.. however there are still days when I get on and forget to grab the bar on top and I get thrown into a person when the Jeepney starts going before I have sat down.
I ate pig heart this week... yum.......
I love my Kabanays!!
mom do you mind sending some more family pics.. in the next package? or just pictures.  the families love seeing them
I'm almost one hundred percent sure I'll stay in the area.. which I'm happy about.  I love the area.
This Saturday we have four baptisms
and next Saturday we have three!
A dear family that will be baptized in a few weeks.
I'm sad Sister Sabiano won't be there for the one next Saturday :(
well family mahal kita!!!
I love you so stinking much- This church is happiness. and I testify that is true, I know it with all my heart.  I love this work
Love Always,
Sister Welling

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