Love Always, Sister Welling

Love Always, Sister Welling
"I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, & set you & your families free. That is my missionary promise to you & your missionary message to the world" — Jeffrey R. Holland

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

I Feel So Blessed to Know the Mission I am on is a Lifelong Calling

July 1, 2014

Hello to the people I love most,

There's so much to say, always. I'm going to have to ask Pres if he'll give me a day to write instead on an hour?
But until then, we'll get down to business. Because the time is ticking :)
I have felt this overwhelming gratitude in my heart all week.  And so much of it because I get to call you people family.  
I spend so much time on my knees trying to clumsily express my feelings of gratitude to my Heavenly Father.  I'm grateful He understands my heart, because my words don't do any justice.

Well, I have to say, this area fits just like my favorite pair of jeans (which probably don't even fit me anymore ;)) but thats besides the point)
What I'm trying to say is that I love it here.
I love the ward.
the investigators.
the recent converts.
the less actives.
the lessons.
the people.
the people.
my companion.
my companion.
my kabahay.
the ward missionaries. 
the members.
and everything else in between.

We taught Noel, a recent convert last Monday about the Holy Ghost.  Sister Osumo told a quote by Elder Christensen stating that before this life there were two great reasons we accepted the plan of Salvation and had the desire to come to earth.  First, our knowledge about our Savior and His atonement on our behalf and the second reason was the knowledge we received about the role of the Holy Ghost- to be our constant companion.  I testified to Brother Noel about the role and importance of the Holy Ghost.  I talked a lot about the importance of our personal worthiness to receive all the blessings of the Holy Ghost.  When we were finished with the lesson Noel said to me.. woah- you have the Holy Ghost with you when you teach.  I can't look away or stop listening, I just know, and feel that your words are the truth- coming from Him.  (I wish you knew Noel because the way he said it made us all start laughing so hard. he was just blown away haha it was hilarious)
I would be just like any other nineteen year old girl,.. any other teacher.. from any other religion.. if I didn't have the Holy Ghost with me.  If I didn't teach with the spirit and have the spirit testify through me. 
We taught Sister Veronica about baptism and confirmation.  I've never seen anyone with such a sincere and pure desire to be baptized.   She has the complete faith and knowledge that through her baptism she will become new.  that the Savior will heal  and let her start anew.  I, along with her, can't wait until June 21 :)

Just yesterday I sat down for a lesson with a man and all he wanted to do was tell me all the reasons he didn't believe in our church and wouldn't believe in our church.  for as passive aggressive as I am..and a hater of contention. ha I had never felt such a stir in my heart, especially when he spoke against the Book of Mormon.  
I didn't argue but I bore a testimony of what I knew to be true- and I felt that promise repeated in D&C that the "angels were bearing me up" I had never felt the spirit as powerfully as I did then. This gospel, the Book of Mormon, are so close to my heart and I will defend it until the day that I die. I know this gospel is perfect. and it has all the answers, and any honest seeker of truth will come to know for themselves that the fullness of the gospel is on the earth today. 

I keep thinking how amazing it is the rate you are able to truly love people on your mission.  I feel as if I had known all of these people for years.  I care so much for each person we have lessons with each day. Its the coolest feeling and nothing else compares.

I love the way Sister Osumo and I teach together. We get one another and always seem to be on the same page.  We have so much vision for our area and are setting hard goals, which I'm so excited about.

Family I want to tell you about each investigator, I wish I had time. just  know, that I am working with individuals who have been so prepared! who are blessing my life.

I have already been invited to three homes to celebrate my birthday.. and its still three weeks away..

Sister Dalalia is an incredible doctor, she has us over for dinner every thursday and she was talking to me about how I have been feeling, she has been looking at my MRI's .. she's so sweet and taking on a motherly role, she started crying when I told her what has been happening.  
My district, without me knowing, held a fast for me on Saturday.  
Sunday I cried because I felt so good, and it made me realize how much pain I had been in.. 
I believe in fasting and prayer.. 
my companion fasted Sunday as well for me.. and after her second fast she told me she knew I was going to be okay, and I had the confirmation as well.
I'm so grateful for each challenge I have been experienced.. and will experience.  I'm learning to rely on my Savior and His strength.  He didn't only suffer for our sins, but for our shortcomings, our weaknesses, our illness, and our hurt.  I have felt His love and His care with each step.
I know that Heavenly Fathers love and knowledge is perfect and when I rely on, and trust Him - I have no reason to fear or feel worried.  I am always in His hands, and what better place to be? :)

I'm curious if these habits I've picked up here will stick when I return home.. like eating everything with a spoon.. a spoon in the right hand and a fork in the left to help scoop things into the spoon. ha
If I'll continue putting baby powder on my face six times a day
or always walk with an umbrella
or use "po" at the beginning and end of each sentence, even if I'm speaking in English
guess we'll see?

Well family, I love you! 
Sister Norva and Sister Veronica will be baptized this Saturday, they are so prepared and I know that their conversion is sincere.  I'm learning so much through their testimonies. 

I know that the church is on the earth today in its fullness.  That through the prophet Joseph Smith God restored His priesthood power to the earth.  I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood in my life.  I know that the book of Mormon is the word of God and that it is another testament of our Savior Jesus Christ.
I love the Lord Jesus Christ, whose servant I am trying to be.

I love you all!
the church is true, and our God is one of miracles!

I feel so blessed to know that the mission I'm on is a lifelong calling :) I love being a missionary.

Sister Welling

Monday, June 9, 2014



Hello my sweet family,
I always sit down with a desire to share absolutely everything going on in my life. I wish if only for a day you could be here seeing and experiencing what I am.  

I hope a few of my journal entries from this week will do some justice. you might find a reoccurring word..

June 3
Saying goodbye to Tatay Reynaldo
I'm not quite sure where to begin this one.  The last few days have felt a little whirl-wind life.  So many incredible experiences that I wish I could perfectly capture on paper.  Tuesday morning I received the phone call that I would be transferring.  I would be leaving my home in Taytay, my home for the past six months sa buhay ko.  I felt every emotion a girl could feel in a very quick 24 hours.  Sister Dimacuta and I spent the day packing, getting everything ready to go and saying a whole lot of goodbyes.  Nobody warned me about this part of the mission, I felt like my heart was ripped out and stomped all over, a little dramatic, I know. :) but I hope to get the point across that it hurt real bad.  My night was filled with tears to say the least.  Taty Reynaldo began to cry as he held on to my hands and continued saying miss ko kayo.  We drank soft drinks and ate cookies in front sa bahay niya for the last time.  I cried in our final prayer together and hesitated looking back to see him crying over the wall, we promised to write.  I dreaded walking into the home of the Ignacio family.. so many evening spent in the presence of their warmness.  kindness.  and love.  That sweet family had become my family away from home.  I loved them as my own :)  I stood at the door of Mary Gold and told her that I would be leaving. She fell into my arms and cried harder than I've ever seen anyone cry before.  We held on to each other, I thought maybe holding on to her would keep us together a little longer.. The tears said everything we couldn't.  I think we helped one another get to know our Savior better.  I know we were put into one anothers' lives for a reason.  That our relationship and friendship didn't begin in this life and I know that it will not end now.  
Lots of tears parting with the members of the ward.
However, even with this knowledge I had the most difficult goodbye I have ever had.
I then said goodbye to the Turdanes family, Naomie, and Sarah.
Saying goodbye helped me understand how much of my heart was invested in the people and the work in Taytay.  It almost made me feel like I had done my part here.  I will continue to thank my Heavenly Father for these experiences and these people that He gave me.  This transfer was my most difficult yet, but with that being sid it was the happiest and most rewarding. Alma 26

June 5
I am now a city girl.  Quezon City, Quirino 2nd ward.  I am follow up training Sister Osumo from Singapore.  I already miss Taytay but I'm surprised by how at home I already feel here.  I have already seen so many blessings and tender mercies coming from my Heavenly Father.  A large one of those being my companion.  She has a kindness and easiness about her.  It has only been two days but I have already learned so much through her example.  I feel so blessed.

June 6
Today I felt and saw the tender mercies of my Heavenly Father.  Sister Madina and my Nay- Sister Sabiano surprise visited to work with us and be a member present.  I felt so at home teaching with Sister Sabiano.  I was reminded of how blessed I was to have had the opportunity to learn and be trained by her.  I've never known a more powerful teacher.  We taught Sister Norva and Sister Brenda.  Both of which have baptismal dates set for June 21.  However, they came to the lesson with many concerns and questions about tithing.  In tears, they explained they would be unable to follow this commandment because they did not have the means , the para, to do so.  Sister Madina and Sister Sabiano testified of their personaly testimonies on tithing.. Returning from the mission with not a penny to their names.  mahirap talaga.  They spoke a lot about faith.  Norva said she had no problem patying tithing when and if she had the money.  Sister Sabiano asked if that was faith.  They'll pay tithing once they're comfortable. that's not trusting the Lord.  Faith is moving forward in obedience to His commandments, even if the road is dark.  Even if we don't know how to do it.  We stay trusting, we stay faith filled and He will help and bless us.  Norva and Brenda's hearts were softened and they commited to live the commandment.  I commited to myself to have more of the faith that was testified about.  I know Brenda and Norva needed the testimonies of Sister Madina and Sister Sabiano.  I know the Lord made today possible.  I love my job.

The Derricotts sent me so much medicine for my health.  I walked home from the office with a heart full of gratitude for so many incredible people placed in my life to bless and to help.  I'm so blessed

Back with my girl Sister Passey!
Sister Passey makes the best meals.  I feel like I have my closest friend and my mom here, ha its so fun to be reunited again.  She takes good care of me, and everyone.
Sister Osumo from Singapore

I love working with SIster Osumo- being with her is so comfortable and easy.  I have a feeling already she'll be one of my closest companions.

June 7
Yet another blessed day :)  We had a first lesson with Adrian, a man who has never gone to church or lived the gospel.  However, he has the desire to change his life.  He said He wants to change.  He wants to be a good example to his 19 year old son.  The spirit filled the lesson and I'm looking forward to his progression.
The rest of the morning was filled with "walang time.. we already have a religion.. next time na lang sisters.." so on and so forth.  The afternoon was spent with the work and the help of Sister Vicky and Brother Ivanne.  This ward is so strong.  The help and member presents are amazing.  Ivanne helped quiz me on Tagalog the entire time.  We also discussed our favorite scriptures in the Book of Mormon and why.  I liked how he said his was 1 Nephi 2:15  My father dwelt in a tent.. My first reaction was to laugh.. thinking he was joking. But he then asked what I interpreted from the verse.  I thought for a moment about the meaning and responded with how spiritually packed that verse is if you understand the background, Lehi's experience of leaving Jerusalem, his silver, his gold, to follow faithfully the instruction of the Lord.  We talked about how the verse, if there is understanding and the spirit is so significant.  But it can be interpreted so many different ways.  I know that there is so much importance in unpacking every verse in the scriptures.  If we truly are studying we can find answers and truth in each verse.  I've been experiencing that.  I'm so grateful for the BOM. 
My favorite lesson of the day was the Noble family.  An entire beautiful family.  Sister expressed that since the missionaries had been teaching them their family has gotten along so much better.  There is more love and peace in their home.  I'm so looking forward to their progression and reciving the fulness of the gospel.  there is such a sweetness and spirit in their home.  This area really focusses on less actives.  Maraming sila.
I think sister Osumo is the easiest person to talk to. and the easiest person to teach with
Sister vicky sure asked me a lot of questions about marriage and boyfriends and so forth
Sister Osumo and I ate snails "..suck it and slurp is REALLY hard.." it was fun
I want to learn from Sister Passey how to be an incredible cook
I'm determined to work on my confidence in the language. just speaking it always. pero, all of a sudden this transfer I can understand everyone.. It just, happened.  Its the most amazing fun thing.  so blessed
I want to strengthen my teaching skills.
everyone comments on all of my object lessons :) I have picked up quite a few, I have always loved doing them because when I can't quite communicate what I want to, I figure a visual will help :)
Ivanne saw a picture of me from before my mission and asked what happened to my face..hahahhaa
Every thursday night we eat at the Dalalias.  Both the parents are doctors and they serve the best food I have ever had in my life. All the missionaries in the ward come.  Sister Passey and her companion Sister Peteru and the three Elders who are serving with us.  
This mission experience is so different.. the people are different here. very busy
I got rejected for the first time during an OYM haha
I never thought I would like the city, but I do.  I've learned it has nothing to do with where you are. Its all about the people.  I love sharing the message we have :) The ward is so strong.  I love it
The missionary couples from the MRC are in our ward.  I love it.
One of the Sisters thought I had been here a lot longer than I had and commented that I acted and spoke with the people like a Filipino, she said it was so obvious to see that I was happy here.  Which is the truth.  I love these people. I love my mission. life is good.

I love you family. so much

Sister Welling

My family away from home.

Joshy!!!!  A Joshua Jeepney:))

Monday, June 2, 2014

I Will Be Leaving My Beloved TayTay!


Hello to my dear family

I have so much to say and so little time and I hardly know where to begin.
Transfers.. I will be leaving my beloved Taytay.  For some reason I had convinced myself I would be staying one more transfer but instead I will be transferred to the city.  I will be follow up training the sweetest sister from Singapore. Fun connection she remembers Elder Frey serving in her ward- the really really tall Elder.
I will also be living with Sister Passey and I have heard great things about the ward.  I’m heart broken to be leaving all of the people here in Taytay.. especially our investigators and recent converts.. but I’m excited to meet even more  so much change coming.

Last night we spent the night in the Penas home with Sister Morrell and Sister Franks.  We held a Family Home Evening and encouraged the sweet family to do missionary work and they wrote down referrals for us.  After the lesson we held a competition Sister Dimacuta and I against the other Sisters. I hadn’t laughed so hard in long time 
But the losers had to eat balut…
And the winners too…

Masarap talaga.. hahaha oh how I wish you could have seen Sis Morrell and I taking that thing on like it was nobodies business. Lets sign me up for fear factor
A  mouse crawled up on me while I was giving a lesson this week. did I scream? did I react? did it even phase me? Nope I just kept on teaching… the Philippines is changing me....
hahahaha :)

Mission Tour this week. Was incredible.  Elder Echo Hawk and Elder Christensen along with their wives and our Mission President and his wife spoke to us.  It was one of the best meetings I have ever attended in my life.
Elder Christian who is in the Presidency of the Quorum of the Seventy stood before all of us Quezon City missionaries and testified that we’re not just apart of the Work of Salvation but that we ARE the Work of Salvation.  He testified that the age change wasn’t only to help more individuals come unto the gospel but that it was for us missionaries, for the Sisters and the Elders to strengthen their conversion in the gospel.  To return and have celestial marriages and raise a family founded on the gospel principles.  They talked a lot about preparing now for after the mission; preparing now to begin our families.  He spoke of it all so eloquently and I wish I had my notes with me to do it justice.
They spoke a lot about the role of the Holy Ghost as well.  Elder Christensen got out a white board and drew a graph.  He drew a line at zero and then a straight line across half way up the graph.  He compared it to two people.  One person who had never felt the spirit and the other was one who feels it at a constant level never heightening never withdrawing. He went further to explain that both the person who was experiencing the spirit and the individual who had never experienced the spirit were experiencing the same thing because when its constant you can not decipher when it is there or not.
As a missionary, I assumed, there would be a constant high of the spirit.  That’s not the case.  And I loved that Elder Christensen explained that its not supposed to be that way the spirit teaches us often just as much by withdrawing than by heightening.  But that the withdrawing is necessary for the growth.  Ah its all so good.  The church is good, and I just know it is true with all of my heart
I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Naomie’s baptism was perfect.  I’m convinced that people just look better in white.. She was literally glowing. And the spirit was powerful, and just so sweet.  We had  a crazy rainstorm and so it was rather difficult for the baptizer..the speakers.. and Naomie to get to the chapel.  I was worried the baptism would not actually happen.. but it did, just an hour and a half late 
Add caption

I was just sitting in Sacrament meeting enjoying listening to the testimonies being born.. I looked to my right to see two foreigners.. a man and a woman…. And I was rather confused.  It didn’t take me long to realize that this man and woman were reall.. realll.. familiar to me.  None other than my second mother and father.  It was the most surreal, odd, and wonderful thing that has happened to me on my mission thus far.  I sure needed that hug from Barb. And it took everything in me not to just hug Kent as well.  I loved being able to talk with them for a short time, for them to meet some of our members and especially when they were able to attend the baptism.  I wanted to just tell them everything about each person and tell them of every experience.  But I was lucky enough to get a few moments.  I love them. Felt like home J It just made me want each person I love to come and experience the Philippines and meet these people I care about so much, listen to their language, and learn of their stories.

Wow.. life is so good.
This transfer was the most difficult for me and the most rewarding. I wouldn’t have changed a single thing.  I learned soooooooo much.
When I was sick Elder Brewer gave me a blessing.  He said in the blessing that I would find strength and peace from reading my scriptures.  My Book of Mormon has become my most prized possession.  I have seen the words from his blessing manifest in my life.  Reading my book of mormon and the Bible has become my sense of refuge.  I have received over and over the answers and the peace I was seeking through reading those pages. The words and stories have become apart of me.  I know the book of Mormon is true.  I know that it changes lives.  I know that it blesses lives.  I know that our Father in Heaven speaks through us through the pages of that sacred book. 
I know it is true. With all of my heart.

I love this gospel family.. and I sure love you…
In my thoughts and prayers always
Love always,

Sister Welling

A Day I Know I Will Never Forget!


This Thursday was a day I know I will never forget.  In Elder Ballards book, Our Search for Happiness, he shares of an experience he had while he was serving His mission in England.  He shares that he had just finished a conversation with a man about the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  He felt the Spirit of the Lord with him as he testified... he talks about walking home along the shores of the Trent River.  I won't do his words any justice but he says, something along the lines.. that he was weary and yet happy and satisfied in the work.  He said that an overwhelming feeling of peace and understanding came over him.  he said that it was at that precise moment in time that he came to know that Jesus Christ knew him, that He loved him, and that He directed his missionary efforts.  He said, of course I'd always believed those things,  that they were even just in his testimony moments earlier to the man.  But somehow in that instant of what he realized was pure revelation, his belief turned into knowledge.  

I'm writing with a full heart and still a little bit of shaky hands as I tell you family, that I felt that I experienced that similar "pure revelation" this week, for myself.
Instead of walking home along the Trent River I was sitting in a small tahanan in the middle of a lesson with Nanay and Tatay Garcia.  
We had come to the lesson with the plan to teach the Law of Chastity.  But as we began the lesson and were asking questions Nanay began to open up about some real trials and hardships she was facing.
I felt the impression that the Garcia's needed something other than the lesson we had planned.  
Instead, I opened to 3 Nephi 17.  And we read together about the time Christ visited those individuals in the America's after His resurrection.
I love verse 9 "and it came to pass that when Jesus had thus spoken, he cast his eyes round about again on the multitude, and beheld they were in tears, and did look steadfastly upon him as if they would ask Him to tarry a little longer with them"
and then He did. He asked for each individual who was hurting, who needed healing to come unto Him.  and he healed each and every one.
In that small room looking into Nanay and Tatay's eyes I testified about my Savior and in that simple instant, the heat making my hair stick to my neck, having recieved three new masquito bites on my right leg. My belief of the love and the reality of my Savior turned into a sure knowledge.  I, in an instant, recieved the confirmation that my Savior was so aware of Maria and Roberto Garcia.  That my Savior was so aware of me.  
I've never felt the way I felt in that lesson before.. and sweet Maria and I cried for some time.  
I wish I could adequately put into words my experience and the love I feel for my Savior, Jesus Christ.  But I will do the best I can to testify through e-mail of His reality.  I have received my witness and it is something I will hold to my heart for forever, it has been written on my heart.  I know Jesus Christ knows each one of us personally, its not only a belief but a knowledge.  His love passes all of my understanding.  He is full of compassion, love, and mercy.  and each time we wish for Him to "tarry with us a little longer" He does.  I know He will never leave our side.  He will be there to heal, and to help us on our struggled mortal journey back home.  My Savior lives.  of this I testify, of this I know.

I love this gospel with absolutely everything I am.
I can relate to Elder Ballards expression of being so weary but satisfied and happy in the work.
I've never experienced a happiness like this before.
I wish I had the time to write down each and every miracle I experienced this week. oh how I wish.
We taught Sister Sarah the Law of Chastity, a woman who has been a lesbian for most of her life. She has lived with another woman for over six years.  She committed to live the Law of Chastity because she has received a confirmation of the truthfulness of this gospel, and the happiness it is bringing in her life
well she is struggling, but staying committed, because she is leaning on her Savior for strength. and learning that prayer is real, and to fight each thought, each weakness she prays to her Father for help.

Since my first transfer we have been working with the Garcia to get them to come to church, this Sunday they came. and during Sacrament meeting Sister Rowena and Maria kept expressing the warm, beautiful, happy feeling they were experiencing.

Naomie will be baptized this Saturday!


remind me to tell you about the wheelchair- brother Roberto
remind me to tell you about Sister Morrell story with her helping me
I have so much to say 
but just know that I love you. and that I love being a missionary.  that I know my Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that they both live. and that they both love us.

with all the love in my heart,
Sister Welling

Monday, May 19, 2014


While Jenna was emailing they experienced a "Brown Out" and she lost the letter she had just written home. She rewrote a few paragraphs but that's all she had time for...She is doing well.  We loved talking with her last week on Mother's Day. She told us about a family with 12 children she is teaching right now.  It is about 100 degrees everyday and 90 percent humidity:) She loves the Philippines and seems so very happy!!
The Garcia Family..we have been working with them for a long time now.  I love them so much..  they have accepted the Gospel and are living it.  They keep all of thier commitments..they're just unable to attend church because they don't have the money.  It is so hard!!  We just got Taytay a wheelchair through the welfare program at Church..he just had a stroke.
These beautiful children live in my area.  They literally SPRINT at me when they see me coming down the street and then they hold my hands and kiss my cheeks until we get to our appointment! They are the CUTEST!

Hello to the ones I love most,
As soon as our Christmas call ended the countdown began for our Mother’s Day phone call. Its what all us missionaries talk about and look forward to :) I can hardly believe how quickly it came! I feel like it was just yesterday Sister Houser and I were looking at the calendar you made me mom counting out the days until mother’s day.. how did five months already happen!
I loved every second of talking to, and looking at you beautiful people.  Words don't do any justice in how much I love you and am grateful to have you in my life.  It’s amazing that the loner I serve the easier it is for me to be away- the ache for you lessens but the love and appreciation for you grows.  
As you know I've been a little sick the last few days.. 
Our district leader came over to give me a blessing.  As the Filipino Elder put his hands on my head and blessed me on my front porch I listened to his voice and looked out at my surroundings.  In moments like these, I truly can't believe this is my life.  Its the most incredible thing.  I have such a testimony of Priesthood power.  I know it is real and I know that it truly is the authority to act in God’s name for the Salvation- or I like to think of it as the eternal happiness of His children :).

all i had time to rewrite of it.. ha sorry!! next week na lang! mahal kita!!!!!