Love Always, Sister Welling

Love Always, Sister Welling
"I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, & set you & your families free. That is my missionary promise to you & your missionary message to the world" — Jeffrey R. Holland

Monday, January 27, 2014

First Transfer...Sister Sabiano and I are staying together!


they sit here while I study by the window, this is out our door.. they chant SISTER WIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLINNGGGG

so after their chanting.. we got a picture :)

 Hello my magandang pamilia!

Have I told you lately how much I love each and every one of you? Grabe, I really do.  Something reminds me on a daily basis just how blessed I am to have you as mine.

I can hardly believe that I'm a transfer down! I wonder if all the transfers will go by this quickly.  It's exciting and terrifying.  I have so much to do.  So much to learn.  I don't want to waste a single minute or take a single moment for granted.

Thankfully Sister Sabiano and I are staying together.  However, Sister Houser got called as a Sister Training Leader and will be leaving.  I think I cried real tears when I found out.  I'm going to miss her a whole lot.  I'm losing my "go-to girl" my running partner, the person who I talk to when its been one of those days.  But I know she's needed and will do so much good in this new calling.
But guess who I just found out is moving in.. drum roll please.. Sister Morrell)! This is the closest thing I have to having my best friend McKayla out here with me.  I can't wait for her to get here tomorrow!!
Sister Houser and Welling....just to confuse everyone who already thinks they look like twins!

We worked really hard this week.  If any of you are ever wondering the secret to happiness, it looks like work.  I'm still trying to figure out if I actually sleep or not at night.  Because as soon as my head hits that pillow I'm out-and then all of a sudden its morning. up again, ready to do it again.  The work is good.

Last Monday, (Mom's birthday) we taught Sister Jose.  She is a mother of eight boys.  She's so receptive to the message and has a set baptism date.  However, she's relying on her boys to read and to pray when she's not.  So we decided to change our lesson plan and read with her about the stripling warriors.  What they were able to overcome and accomplish because of the example of their mothers.  We taught her of the importance of her calling as a mother.  And the sacred responsibility she has to lead her boys in righteousness by setting a strong example.  I was able to bear such a personal testimony of what my mothers testimony and example has meant in my life.  I still get emotional thinking about it.  But my sweet mom, I want you to know you were very much apart of my day on your birthday.  I'm so grateful for you and the person you are and your constant perfect example.

I feel like I'm finally learning how to recognize promptings from the spirit while I'm teaching.  Something I've been praying and pleading for.  I finally finally realized I need to act on the thoughts and questions that come to me during lessons (duh Jenna) But I was amazed as I did so this week our lessons went entirely new directions.  It was amazing.  We were able to learn of concerns of our investigators and then be prompted in how to help them.  i really feel like we were able to help this week.  That’s the best part of missionary work.  Helping people.  Helping people come unto Christ.  Helping them recognize and feel of His peace, love, and strength.

A few happenings this week:

We decided to stop by a members home to see if he could teach with us. We see him from a distance standing outside.  Something bright is in his hand.  When he sees us he flings it beheind his body.  It didn't take me long to pick up on the cigarette smoke.  Grabe siya! I tried not to laugh at his guilty face.  So a word to the wise, if you ever decide to break a commandment, be careful, because you never know when the missionaries will show up.

I lead everything this week.  I lead the area, the planning, the scheduling, the teaching, the updating.. lahat.  I'm slowly, may I repeat slowly, starting to figure this missionary thing out.

I'm learning how to cook like a Filipino!  Something I'm very proud of.  I'm cooking with vegetables I had never seen or heard of before.  I'm learning how to cook all sorts of fish.. I'm figuring out things I like.. I'm learning a lot through trial and error.  It’s so fun!

Someone told us this week that the only reason people join our church is because
we have American missionaries.  There you have it people, the secret of the church.  we just bring the foreigners in.

I love Taytay, its kind of the "in between" half city, half province.

Its known for its fabrics.  So they have tons and tons of fabric, and inexpensive clothes that are made very well.

They also have really nice dresses, which seems so out of place, but I might just buy Maddie's prom dress and send it home so I can still be apart of it :)

look up the song Give it All to Him- Tel Dyer

Yes.. I put on my bug repellent araw araw :) I've had a few bites.. sometimes a lot, but its never been a problem, they go away fast.

I woke up with a huge spider on my chest this week, rude awakening.

I got your package!!! wow, it truly was heaven in a box.  Everything, absolutely perfect and so thoughtful! Thank you thank you thank you!
I've already given away the CTR rings to three of my investigators who will be baptized in March, they were so excited! 14 year old Dianne, 12 year old Totoy, and 9 year old Makmak. It was a perfect reminder for them to "choose the right" reading the scriptures and praying every night.

Well family the work is so good.  The language is still non existant.  and the church is absolutely true.
I'm so happy to be here, to be learning of my Savior and striving to learn the ways He would serve, love, and teach and so I can be an instrument in my Heavenly Fathers hands to bring others to the happiness of this gospel.
We're so blessed to have the truth, share it with everyone :)

I love you all!

Love Always,
Sister Welling

"we will get promptings of the Spirit when we have done everything we can- when we are out in the sun working rather than sitting back in the shade praying for the direction on the first step to take"

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

There are Days when honestly I just can't stop Smiling:)


My dear family,

It always surprises me just how quickly this day comes each week.  I want to begin with a big happy birthday eve shout out to my sweet Mom, I hope all of you give her extra hugs for me.  Make her feel really important and special because she really really deserves to be celebrated big time. She's the best Mom any of us could ever ask for.  She's the best human being.
First off  yes I am figuring out the food and I love it!  I make cheese sandwiches with tomatoes, fish, eggs and I make cabbage salads….and lots more of course the amazing fruit is my favorite!
I’ve been feeling great!  My stomach has been a little crazy the last few days and it makes me realize how blessed I’ve been this whole time!
The weather has been cooler..  Everyone here says it is so weird…this never happens.  It feels
So good!
Transfers are next week so I will be emailing a day later.  Yes I think I will be staying with Sister Sabiano (we better!)  I love her.  We had some really cool experiences this week during companionship inventory.  We talked about our strengths and weaknesses as a companionship and as individuals-we both cried as we expressed our love for each

other and our love for the work and how we have the same love and passion.  We push ourselves so hard.  We are just on the same page which is so nice.  She pushes me and expects a lot from me which is good.  She told me I came “Pre-trained”…it meant a lot.   It was just cool.
Zone interviews were awesome.  They went from 11-7.  I loved my interview with President Revillo.  He is such an amazing man.  He is so kind. We went out and had to talk to everyone we saw and share a Book of Mormon and share the gospel.  I was paired with Sister Jones…it was so much fun!  I LOVE Sister Jones she is wonderful!
We have a new investigator that I'm so excited about! He has come to sacrament meeting two weeks in a row (which is a big deal around here) and in our lessons he asks at least a million questions.  I love his thirst to know more and how he stops us every five minutes.  We just have to continue telling him.. we'll get to that.. we'll get to that :) ah he is so excited about the gospel and so willing and ready to accept it.  There is no doubt in my mind that he has been prepared- I'll keep you all posted with his progress.
This investigator, Brother Francisco, has inspired me to have the same thirst for knowledge.  Any spare time I can find (which is almost impossible to find) :) but during lunch or breakfast or what not I'm studying.  I'm forming such a deep love for the scriptures.  For my Preach My Gospel, I just want to soak everything up.  I want to take it all in and learn all that I can. I feel that study time never lasts long enough.  I feel so blessed to have this time in my life to study the gospel.  I had no idea all the things I was missing!
Sister Sabiano and I changed our way of planning .. we have some serious goals for this week with our investigators.. I'm going to take a picture of our wall.. which is almost nonexistent because it is covered with names and goals :) I love it.
We have so many investigators with accepted baptismal dates we're just trying to find a way to get them to keep their commitments, ah they know its true. We all know it.  We also found out this week that one of the families we have been teaching that accepted baptism, the parents aren't married.  Sooo we'll be holding a wedding it looks like- I'll be honest, I'm really excited :)
Okay, I might need to start getting a few questions from all of you, because I'm starting to sit down and draw blanks of the week- so if there is anything you'd like to know I would love to tell you about it!
But just know that I love each and every one of you.  and I absolutely love this gospel.  I love that its a gospel of change and that we get to change and improve every single day as we apply the Atonement.  I can't think of greater privileged or blessing.  I love this work family.
Its so hard.
But its so rewarding.
There are days when honestly I just can't stop smiling.
I can't believe I'm here..
I feel absolutely blessed to be a missionary, learning the things that I am.

I love you always family,
Sister Welling