Love Always, Sister Welling

Love Always, Sister Welling
"I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, & set you & your families free. That is my missionary promise to you & your missionary message to the world" — Jeffrey R. Holland

Monday, March 16, 2015

I am Falling in Love with Georgia

Sweet Sister Cottle

My sweet family,

Spring time has finally reached Georgia and I have to say it has really helped the work-- people are just happier, with daylights saving the days are longer so they're more willing to open their doors to us in the evening.  there are more people outside to talk to and all around.. this week was wonderful.

I am falling in love with Georgia. all of the green and the blossoms are breathtaking.  I am afraid I might just stay here forever.

Forsyth is named after the Forsithian flowers.  They are beautiful yellow blossoms and they are everywhere at this time of year.  They had a forsithian festival this week, we went for a while and were able to meet a whole lot of people and pass out pass along cards which was wonderful.  And all the little booths were so cute so it was enjoyable.

During sacrament meeting yesterday I was sitting next to our investigator Shirley, she will be baptized April 11 (it was supposed to be the 4th but I forgot about conference.. whoops)
during sacrament she wrapped her arm around me and pulled me in close and whispered in my ear that she loved me.  
It made me cry.  Because of the overwhelming love I feel for her.  Because of the fact that she had accepted the gospel. Because Heavenly Father let me be here to meet her and Wayne.  Because Heavenly Father let me be in Forsyth Georgia at this time. 
This time in my life will always be so close to my heart.  Oh how I love this gospel and the people I get to meet as we are doing all that we can to share it.

In Zone Conference this week President talked about God having "favorites".  He asked us missionaries if that was a true statement-- our first instinct was no, of course not- He loves us all equally.  
Yes He does have a great love for each of His children.
then we read 1 Nephi 1:1, 3:6, 17:35.. so on and so forth
about Nephi being favored.  How God Favored His obedient Children.  President went on to tell how he was his mother’s favorite child-- I could relate ;) (just kidding.. kind of)
He is the youngest of seven and he said he would watch his siblings.  The ones who disobeyed and how much it hurt his parents.. he never wanted to follow in that pattern. He loved pleasing his parents and by so doing he received extra privileges.. more "blessings" so to speak.  I related to all he said.  I have always had the desire to please my dear parents.. and my father in Heaven.  sitting in the meeting I had the overwhelming feeling of love for mom and dad and my Father in Heaven.. and THAT is the reason I've always strived to be obedient.  (I know I know mom and dad I haven't had perfect obedience:)) but I've tried, because I love you both with everything that I am.  I can not even comprehend all that you've done for me, all that you've sacrificed, all the love you have consistently given.  I love you two.

When we are obedient we become favored by the Lord which in return He is quicker to help and bless us. I love Him and I hope I can always strive for that obedience for the rest of my life.  I want Him to know that I love Him through my actions, I hope someday He will be able to say about me what He said about Nephi.. the Nephites.. and then eventually the Lamanites.  They were favored by the Lord.

so.. this one time my companion and I got attacked by dogs

I now have a bruise that takes up my entire left calf.. 
and about seven bite marks on my legs....
(I wish the pictures did some justice haha)


Love Sister Welling

Monday, March 9, 2015


Hello to my dear family,

Good-bye to my dear friend Sister Chidester
what a week it has been! so many changes.

march 4-

There is something about the end of the day, sitting in a quiet bedroom, eyes heavy, knees and ankles pounding with fatigue, scriptures resting upon my lap and pen and paper in hand.  A time of reflection, revelation, and meditation.  These moments are so few and far between.. that I savor each precious second.

Sister Fullerton and I walked a lot today, in true missionary fashion.  We saw cars pull into driveways, heard conversations being had behind doors, saw individuals peak out their blinds, heard T.V.s blaring.. and out of the sixteen homes, only one door opened for us.  dang it. Yet, I continued to feel tireless in the work.  I knew I was gaining God's trust as we continued faithfully pounding our bruised knuckles :)

Sister Humphrey's drove from Macon to assist us in the work today.  A returned missionary, mother of five, caring for her in-laws, she came to pick us up thirty minutes late apologizing she said that her husband was unexpectedly called into work, and her mother had been in the E.R. all night-- so she was figuring out a babysitter for the kids.  Still, Sister Humphrey's came, still she drove us around for two hours and shared her testimony in the lessons.  I want to be more like that.

We taught M the Word of Wisdom. I prepared a lot for the lesson.. knowing she had told lots of stories about her alcohol.. how much she loved her tea and coffee.. , I was prepared and a little anxious to what her response would be to this new know

ledge, new commandment.  Well, we walked into her home and Sister Humphrey's and M hit it off right from the get go-- having children similar ages.  We began teaching and expounding on the word of wisdom- Sister Humphrey's bore a beautiful testimony of the blessings she has seen from living this law.  She talked a lot about how it had blessed her family-- she has nothing to pull her away from being a mother- no addictions.  It was so inspired to have her there
M stopped us in the middle of the discussion and said she stopped drinking coffee and tea a few weeks ago.  She used to drink them daily.. but just had a feeling she should stop, that it would be better on her health.  OKAY.
I have such a testimony that God prepares his children.

ugh I have so so much I want to talk about. So much, but no time :(
My new companion Sister Fullerton

I love Sister Fullerton! I am already learning a lot from her-- she doesn't have a lot to say in lessons, but when she speaks I love how genuine it is.  She is very childlike and that's such a Christlike attribute.  I am enjoying working with her

Its going to be a challenging transfer.. but I know I am going to learn a whole lot.

I have had the most incredible week already.  I have never been so exhausted in my life.

PLEASE EVERYONE REREAD SAFETY FOR THE SOUL.  we read this with an investigator last night and I was the one reading it, I wasn't expecting it to hit me as strongly as it did, but I just cried.. and cried.
my testimony was reconfirmed.  Of the prophet Joseph Smith, of the Book of Mormon, of the Church.


Sometimes its hard.. inviting people to come to the true church, in a little rented out conference building.  with just a handful of people.  when there are big beautiful churches on every corner.. full of people.  How could our church be Christ's church? 
I feel connected to the first saints of the church.  united with them in their faith.  How could anyone deny the spirit felt in those little meetings? the faith of the members.  THE FAITH OF THE CONVERTS. (Wayne gave his first talk this week and it was beautiful.  SO BEAUTIFUL. ) h

his mother committed to baptism this week! and progressing so well.

I know that from small and simple things great things are brought to pass

I know this church is true with all of my heart, I wish I could help you feel it through this email.

We are apart of Christ's work, something so glorious.  
The First Relief Society in our Group!!
I thank my Heavenly Father every day for giving me this opportunity....

sorry this is so scattered..

I love you so much
Sister Welling

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hello my dear family!
Unfortunately the AP's have my camera so I will not be able to send pictures until next week-- so be looking forward to them then :)
We spent last Monday with the entire district at the Indian mounds, we spent the day taking way too many pictures, hiking the mounds, and enjoying one anothers company.  It was a beautiful day and so much fun to see a little more of Georgia!
Today are transfers and Sister Chidester will be leaving Forsyth.  I will miss her dearly!  I have learned so much from her and know we will be life long friends.  

Feb. 24
"Today was so special to me.  It was our last District Meeting before transfers.  Elder Kobbah, our district leader, asked us all to bear our testimonies.  President and Sister Cottle surprised us by joining our meeting and added their powerful testimonies.  Elder Byingtons testimony really touched me.  He goes home tomorrow.  He stood and cried expressing how torn apart he feels to be leaving his mission.  He has such a profound love for our Savior and for the people of the south.
A common theme in each testimony born was love and change.  I am so grateful for my Savior who is the epitome of love and made it so each individual can change and become better.
President and Sister Cottle paid for us all to eat at Smoking Pig.  Sister Lackey (an elderly member in our ward who loves the missionaries and we are kind of like her granddaughters) ha drove Sister Chidester and I there and frightened us a bit as she went and drove into the oncoming traffic in the round-a-bout.  but we made it there in one piece! (always appreciate your prayers for my safety-- I need them ;)) The food at lunch was delicious and the company even better.  Our server was one that we had had before.  She told President and Sister Cottle that last time we had come in she was having the absolute worst day and we were her last table.  She said in serving us it completely turned her day around.  She went home and couldn't stop talking about her last table.  President and Sister Cottle invited her to receive the missionary discussions in their home and she accepted happily saying she has been looking for a church, and she wants some of the happiness that she sees in all of us.
I have a testimony that a little kindness goes a long way.  I hope to never pass up the opportunity to lighten someones load or brighten their day.  We never know who Heavenly Father put in our path, counting on us to help Him care for His child.
Elder and Sister Cole are couple missionaries that serve with us in Forsyth.  They go out to teach with us each Tuesday evening- I love it and always look forward to it. 
Did Grandma and Grandpa Brown ever go out with the missionaries to teach?
But the four of us went to teach Wayne and Shirley, and of course during the most spiritual part of the lesson their new furniture arrived-- couches and recliners and all were delivered, the baby started crying and things got super chaotic.  I love missionary life.
I read a talk this week that I loved and it reminded me of experiences that I have gone through-- because at this point in my life there has been time after time that my plans haven't really gone as planned- In the talk it said-
"No one likes having to resort to "plan B".  But even when our plans fall through, Heavenly Father does not abandon His children.  There are multiple good ways for life to work our.  In time, we may even find that the roadblocks that changed our plans gave us needed insight and experience D&C 122:7 -- and led to something better"
the period of waiting is not merely the process that we must go through to get what we want.  Rather it is a process by which we become who our Heavenly Father wants us to be through changes we make
...sometimes "plan B" is simply a way of making His "plan A" a reality.
I loved that.  I feel that I am living the Lords "plan A" for me.. even though it was my "plan...D" ha I feel so grateful for His hand in my life and that I am here serving in Forsyth Georgia at this time.  It is the sweetest blessing.
The Gospel is TRUE and I LOVE YOU
Love Always,
Sister Welling

Since Jenna didn't send any pictures this week I thought I'd throw two in from when she was serving in the Philippines.  The cute sister with her became one of her dearest friends and recently completed her mission and is now engaged!  Jen loves her:)) Congrats Mykol!
Sister Morrell and Sister Welling at the Manilla Temple, Philippines