Love Always, Sister Welling

Love Always, Sister Welling
"I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, & set you & your families free. That is my missionary promise to you & your missionary message to the world" — Jeffrey R. Holland

Friday, April 17, 2015

"Sister Dalton Was Amazing" March 23, 2015

My dear sweet family,

it was an amazing week.  I don't even know where to begin.

a few highlights from the week--

Our investigator Ms. Hoyt has been a little extra happy recently.. come to find out she has been dating someone-- (over the phone-- they talk every day and they're planning on meeting as soon as possible, he lives in Atlanta) well, they're talking and she hears a tape playing in the back ground and she asks what it is and he replies that it is the Book of Mormon.  come to find out he was baptized about two years ago in Atlanta.  SHE WAS SO EXCITED. I feel like we have a third missionary on our team because he is always following up with her and what she is learning in the Book of Mormon, or in our lessons. 

how awesome is that?!

Sister Fullerton and I saw a woman in her driveway this week and we started walking down it to talk to her-- She started screaming to "leave leave leave" and sprinted, impressively fast, into her house. 

I guess we didn't hide our horns well enough that day.....

shoot. ;)

Sister Fullerton and I were asked to give two trainings in Zone Training this week.  We had our trainings prepared (roughly) a few days in advance.  But the more I was going over one of them the more it just didn't feel quite right.  Sister Fullerton agreed-- we staid up late the night before our training to try to come up with something-- nothing came. 

so.. I woke up at 5:30 the morning of to try to come up with something.  As soon as the alarm went off I knelt down and began to pray.  And just like that the entire training came to my mind as I knelt at the side of my bed.  It was incredible.. I then got up and wrote each though and impression down to go over it with Sister Fullerton. 

That training ended up being my favorite, even though it was put together so last minute I knew that it was the message that Heavenly Father wanted someone in the Zone to hear... or needed me to hear :) It was about how we were not sent her to fail-- the importance of getting back up each week when we don't reach a goal.. or things don't go as planned.  We talked about the plan of our loving Heavenly Father and how we can succeed through the borrowed will of our Savior Jesus Christ.  I read the poem that Brother Tanner used to recite to our sunday school class-- "The Race".  It was a neat experience and a good reminder that He is always in the details, and He is always willing to help.  We just have to sincerely ask, humble ourselves before Him, and seek His assistance.

Sister Dalton and her husband came and spoke to the women twelve and older in our stake.  It was one of the most powerful meeting I have ever had the opportunity to be apart of. 

Brother Dalton said that he and Sister Dalton turned to one another as they walked in the building and she said "do you feel the same thing that I feel" they talked about how the spirit was almost tangible.  Brother Dalton talked about how special we all were, how divine. 

That we have a covenant relationship with our Savior, and we get to give all of our lives to Him. 

He talked about the love. the respect. the Savior has for each of us. 

that we have an elevated and exalted place prepared for us in His Kingdom as we follow Him.. as we give our all to Him.

Sister Dalton spoke about the great privilege it is to be a woman on the earth today, and that we truly are a marked generation.

That we are establishing and building up Zion -- fearless of the consequences.

She said that we have been RESERVED and PREPARED

that we were tutored at our Fathers knee.

That He trusted us to be sent here to earth at this time when the need for strong spirits is so great

That there has never been such great OPPORTUITIES along with such great OPPOSTITION for His children

she shared Alma 13 that we were prepared from the foundation of the world, exceedingly good works

exceeding faith

we each had exceeding faith in the plan.  the plan of Salvation

we fought in the war of heaven, we fought and we won. 

our weapon were our testimonies, words, and faith

we were the strongest and the most valiant

She talked about the importance of virtue, and how it has been lost in todays world and that we all need a return to virtue.  every house, every heart.

We get to become pure every week.  we have the Holy Ghost which means we will never be alone. 

a principle of ASSURED SUCCESS

She said this of us missionaries, "it takes the elect to gather the elect.. their purity is changing the world"

we are flooding the world.

She told a sweet story of when she was in Poland she was meeting with the mission President and his wife when she heard her name being yelled-- four sister missionaries came running over to her and spoke with so much love and enthusiasm for the work.  There was a Polish man sitting near them.. and after moments into their conversation he turned to Sister Dalton and said.. "it appears the army of God has come to the earth.... and they are wearing skirts!"

she said that we need to be articulate advocates of the Father, and the family.  That we have been endowed with the power to do so from the temple.

she said "we sometimes live far below our privileges-- you are not to be led by the women of the world-- you will lead the women of the world"

you are different in happy ways

one virtuous woman led by the spirit will change the world.

needless to say her talk was incredible.. And it was amazing that while she spoke she almost spoke the promises word for word that were given in my patriarchal blessing.

I feel so empowered being a woman of the church, a daughter of my Heavenly Father, and His servant for truth at this time in my life.

There is no where I would rather be and nothing I would rather be doing.

We were in the parking lot of an apartment complex this week when I saw out of our rearview window a woman screaming into her phone.. and then she hung up and put her head in her hands

we had an appointment at the time, but I knew we needed to talk to her.  We went over and had one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been apart of on her door step.  She said she had been feeling so far from God.  And she was searching for peace or any kind of direction.

...I love that we as missionaries get to be an instrument in His hands.. to help His children that are in need

-- we had a few special experiences like that this week where He put us in the right place at the right time. So amazing to be apart of

Yesterday our investigators took up more seats than the members in our group.. wow.  (I won't mention how many members were there) but none the less it was still a very happy day.

I loved the testimony of President Benson and I want to add mine to it..

"With all my soul, I love Him.  I humbly testify that He is the same, loving, compassionate Lord today as when He walked the dusty roads of Palestine.  he is close to his servants on this earth.  He cares about and loves each of us today.  Of that you can be assured.  he lives today as Lord, our Master, Our Savior, our redeemer, and our God.  God bless us all to believe in Him, to accept Him, and to follow Him."

as I put on the name tag that bears His name each and every morning I feel a sacred power and love for my calling as a full time representative of the Savior Jesus Christ.

I love Him

and I love yall..

have a wonderful week

Love always,
Sister Welling

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