Love Always, Sister Welling

Love Always, Sister Welling
"I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, & set you & your families free. That is my missionary promise to you & your missionary message to the world" — Jeffrey R. Holland

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Week Two

My dear sweet wonderful family,

Oh your letters are so encouraging and uplifting.  Have I told you how much I love you people lately? Thank you for the sweet emails.

And as for everything else.. lets go with a big fat I LOVE YOU.  All of your love and support is unreal.  Seriously, all the letters this week?! It feels like Christmas every time my District Leader puts the mail on my desk!  I love having a piece of you with me and feeling apart of your lives even when I'm in this other world :)  And mom dad, your package!! It was amazing! (and yes it all arrived in one piece) I can't even express my gratitude enough.. me and the sisters in my room were seriously sprinting back to the room after class for our chips and salsa.  So fun to have something to look forward to.  Everything was PERFECT, like I said- Christmas!  You read my mind, everything I needed I received! Thank you

The more time I spend in this place the more I love it.  However, every time I feel like I'm starting to get the hang of things they switch it up.  I'm constantly being pushed outside my comfort zone, but I wouldn't want it any other way.  

I love that I'm learning so much.  I am constantly.  learning.  Whether it be how to be a better student, or how to be a better teacher, principles of the gospel, new grammar concepts in the language,  that life is so much better when you're not thinking about yourself, or that singing all the time has the ability to get on peoples nerves :) oops haha! (where's all my backup singers when I need them-- ladies?)

Speaking of singing, big shout out to Dad and Maddie- we LOVE the music! We listen to it every morning when we're getting ready and every evening when we arrive back to our room.  Its the perfect way to start and end our day.  Brings a really cool peaceful feeling to our room.  We All love it and have been singing your praises! :)

Now back to the learning, there's never a moment that I'm not pushing myself in someway.  In the cafeteria we bear our testimony in Tagalog to any stranger before we can eat.  We pray in Tagalog before we eat.  During our gym time while I'm pounding out miles on the bike;) I'm flipping through my flash cards of words (yes, I'm that person who keeps flashcards on my lanyard- a little funny looking I know- but hey what isn't funny looking when it comes to being a missionary :), or for every sit up repeating references for scriptures.  Honestly, the pushing.. and the learning.. and the trying to figure everything out and be the best you can be never stops :)  Its so cool.  It makes you realize just how much potential everyone has, you can always be doing something more.

Elder Perry spoke to us on Sunday, all about the Philippines.. all the many miracles that happened pertaining to the missionaries.  It was amazing.

My heart is literally breaking for my people.  All I can think about is getting to the Philippines to help.  I get to help and serve these people in the best way.  I get to teach them about a loving Heavenly Father, and His son, our loving Redeemer.  I think without such a knowledge this kind of heartbreak and challenge would truly be unbearable.  This tragedy is so real and personal to me and I can't believe the timing of it all.  That I'll actually be able to help and serve rather than watch from a TV screen at home.  I already love the Filipinos and I just want to be there helping, serving, and giving them a message of hope.

Tell my friends I saw Melanie from the cruise here- she's going to Arizona.  She's just as adorable as ever.

Yes, the language is hard.  I'm pretty good at memorizing words its just all the grammar.. making it make sense stuff that I'm trying to figure out.  However, I'd like to let you all know how amazing I'm getting at charades and you best believe I will be challenging you when I get home.

I had a cool experience the other day when we were teaching our investigator.  I had gotten up early to study what I was going to say.  I read and I memorized and I prayed, for quite sometime.  I was feeling a lot better about things.  When the time came, we began teaching, and of course, I couldn't speak any of the things I had worked on :) ha.  We tumbled our way through the lesson and I was closing with my testimony.  I started testifying in a Taglish kind of way.. and I have to tell you I felt the spirit so so powerfully.  I cried. (surprised?) Everything I had been studying and reading was confirmed at that moment to be so true.  The Tagalog has so little to do with the teaching.  Its the spirit, not me, that teaches.  I was so grateful my Heavenly Father stepped in.

I love this work.  I love how challenging and long my days are.  I love that I'm being pushed because that means I get to be a little better.  I hope it continues.  I love you more than words can say and I realize it more every day.  Wow, we're blessed.  I'm blessed. 

Missing you, and praying for you always

Sister Welling
I saw Lexie for the last time yesterday and I wanted to sob as we said goodbye- but I didn't :) heavens I love that best friend of mine. 
I saw Jenessa last sunday on our temple walk!! She brought me a letter! and we both cried when we hugged.  So So Soooo good to see her!

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