Love Always, Sister Welling

Love Always, Sister Welling
"I promise that because of your faithful response to the call to spread the gospel, He will bind up your broken hearts, dry your tears, & set you & your families free. That is my missionary promise to you & your missionary message to the world" — Jeffrey R. Holland

Monday, February 17, 2014

All I Can Do Is the Best I Can Do:)


It is Fiesta!  These little chicks are everywhere!  Pink, Purple and Yellow

 My sweet family,

I loved the pictures!  Holy Cow Madelyn looks gorgeous!  Sounds like the dance was fun!
I love you all and miss you so much.  Sounds like there is so much going on right now and I am
Praying for you all.

I'm not sure where to begin. 
I'm so happy.
I'm so happy being a missionary.

I have such a humble confidence in the Lord's power. I've been reminded this week that all I can do is the best I can do. And then when I do the best I can do, heaven comes to help with the things I can't. I know that the Lord will never ask us to do something we can't do. I'm learning that as a missionary, doing His work, I'm entitled to His help. To His power. and if I know anything, its that His power is real. I'm seeing His power literally change the lives of others right now. And most of all, its changing me. In the MTC we were instructed more than once that we need to be our own first convert. I have always considered myself converted. But I'm learning the importance of everyday conversion. I'm learning of this gospel and growing in this gospel in ways I didn't know possible.
I'm so happy being  a part of this work.  I'm so blessed to feel the Lords power and to see the Lords power in my life every day.

I wish I were better at expressing just what I feel, and what I'm experiencing- but there are no words for it.

I'm learning
I'm growing
and I'm changing so much

We have a family that we're teaching right now that is so dear to me.  Brother Ignacio is a less active member and his wife and children are not members.  When we visited them his wife began crying at the end of the lesson and said that that morning she had prayed for Heavenly Father to give her a sign in how to improve her and her family's life.  In the first meeting Sister Laarni, Jusleighn, and Juan Carlo agreed to be baptized. 
I know that the Lord is always preparing His children, He wants them all to find this gospel and return home with Him.

We were teaching brother Liew this week. I have never seen someone so willing to change.  Everything we teach he applies it to his life.  He has taught me so much.  But like I said, he is so willing and just wants to do what is right. 
This week we taught him the word of wisdom, and he opened the pamphlet to the first page to see the five main substances we have to refrain from he then let out a word that I can't repeat as a missionary.. shooooot.  I had to start laughing.  He's just trying so hard to do what is right and we keep throwing new things at him. 
This experience doesn't sound as funny as I'm writing it, but trust me if you were there, you would have laughed.

I went to introduce myself to a family this week- a big smile, hold out my hand, ako po si.. point down to my name tag so they could see the Sister Welling.. just to find out that there was only a clip, no name tag.  I literally felt like I was standing there naked. 
But no need to worry the name tag was found the next day in the rice field.  phewf

Elders from my MTC batch!  I love them!
We had a Trainer/Trainee conference this week and it was amazing!  

I get asked on just about a daily basis "do you want husband"
I'm considering saying yes, to see what will follow.

One of my top ten favorite experiences:: when you're walking past an investigators house to see them out front just reading the Book of Mormon.

It was fiesta this week.  fiesta makes it impossible to work, but all the streamers and banners and karoke and food and parades and shows and blocked off roads are fun.
During personal study I had about six men dressed up in leotards on our porch blowing fire and banging drums, they kept begging us to come outside.  But we stuck to our studying, because we're missionaries- ha

I've begun to point to things with my lips

I flush my toilet with a bucket

I'm  so grateful to be a missionary at this time.
We had stake conference this week and we got to hear from the leaders of our area, from President and Sister Revillio and from Elder Fajardo from the Quorum  of the Seventy.  Every talk seemed to be exactly what I needed.
It’s funny how I probably couldn't remember much of the details of what was said without looking at my notes, but I remember exactly what I felt. 
I love how the Spirit testifies and lets us know of spiritual truths through our thoughts and feelings.

I love this gospel.

Just laughing with my girl Sister Passey:)
and I love you all a whole lot

Love Always,
Sister Welling

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